Would you like to join Hartshead Home Watch.

Its easy, simply email hartshead-estate-homewatch@hotmail.com - Simple share your name, address, and telephone number and our area administrator will make contact to welcome you on-board. 

Joining Hartshead Home Watch will allow you to benefit from the our news, views and insights coming from our regular meetings together with local councils, police and local government M.P.'s.  It will also give you a voice to channel any concerns you might have regardless of the issue, you can obtain lot's of advice from the committee members on what's happening in the area.


We can provide advice on a number of  security measures that you can take to help keep your home, car and property safe. We can also provide basic security devices at very low cost and on request, we will carry out basic security survey's. 

We are here to support our local community and welcome any new members to join and or support the Home Watch in any way that you can. As Hartshead Home Watch is a self funding organisation, we request that any new members may wish to make a voluntary contribution of £2.00, further donations are most welcomed and all monies are carefully managed and audited for the benefit of all our members. 

Thank you in advance and welcome to Hartshead Home Watch...

Thank you from the committee.