July 29, 2017


The Home Watch committee are investigating the use of CCTV on the estate and Lily Lanes. They agreed that a technical survey will be carried out to understand the options, cost and benefits. The survey will be managed by a local security expert working together with the council, police and home watch representatives. 


The local police stated at the recent committee meeting that they are keen to encourage use of CCTV. Earlier this year Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, head of London's Metropolitan Police, said more homeowners should install CCTV cameras outside their houses. He said homeowners and businesses could help the police to solve crimes, and encouraged people to install them at eye-level so facial recognition could be used to identify criminals. P.C. Steve Naylor stated that CCTV would greatly help in identifying vehicles and suspects involved in crime in our local area.

Cost-benefit analysis

Domestic CCTV can be installed for as little as £50, so it's potentially a cheap way of improving security at your home. You can spend thousands on a top-of-the range system, and this could pay dividends if you ever need to use to footage to identify a criminal suspect. It's worth making sure the camera is high enough quality, and a good CCTV installer should be able to advise you on the best place to install cameras.

Your system can be wired or wireless, depending on your budget. Wired cameras are cheaper but wireless ones can be more convenient - although an interrupted internet connection can mean lost footage. You can store images on a hard drive or separate digital recorder.

As well as the obvious benefits for your peace of mind, and the help it provides when catching criminals, the security systems can deter potential burglars, keeping your insurance premiums down.

Following the survey, further consultation will take place together with all those concerned before a final decision is made. 

Read more on the Information Commissioner's website.