Vehicle Crime

                                            Hartshead Estate & Lily Lanes vehicle crime rates


When we examine the vehicle crimes on the Estate and Lily Lanes area's, we found  the majority of vehicle crimes have been committed by opportunistic thieves that are sadly preventable!


Residents need to be mindful and  follow some simple advice to ensure that this type of crime in our local area is reduced.

Its important to keep all possessions out of sight


Never leave anything of any value on view in your car, criminals will target your vehicle first. If for any reason you have to leave something of valuable in your vehicle, "then keep it out of sight" - preferably lock any items in the boot where it is out of sight and out of mind.

Thieves often spot an opportunity and this is where most vehicle crime is committed. Never make the mistake of warming your car on a cold day with the door left open, not even for a few secinds the number of vehicles taken from outside houses or from the garage when people a paying for fuel.  Even a few pound coins for car parking, bags, sat nav, cameras, phones are just what the criminals are looking for!


                    Here's a short video sharing tips & advice on Vehicle Crime and Security

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