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Hartshead & Lily Lanes Home Watch


Volunteer for Hartshead Community Home Watch

A few good reasons why we continue to support the Home Watch scheme across the estate and local areas:


  1. Home Watch areas are 10 times less likely to become victims of burglary, only 1-in-300 rather than 1-in-30 households in the GB are burgled in on Home Watch areas.

  2. Starting a Home Watch scheme helps to bring community spirit back to an area.

  3. The Home Watch signs displayed in your area tells burglars you & your neighbours are security conscious, and will be watching each other's properties.

  4. Some insurance companies offer discount, unfortunately no longer many.

  5. Home Watch Association Members receive help and advice on security matters, amongst other aspects.

  6. We work hard to keep our community informed and we use your feedback to share with the police, counsellors and other bodies.

We are always looking for volunteers to step up and join our committee members to help support our growing interests! 

Thank you in advance for your help and support..!

GMP’s “Live Chat” 

         If you need to report an incident to the police, follow this link, 

This can be used as an alternative to 101 for reporting non-emergency incidents, and it's far easier and faster! 

Suspicious activities or individuals, possible drug trading, anti-social behaviour, attempted car theft/interference, general intelligence that might be linked to suspicious behaviour the police need your intelligence to help them fight crime!







Emergency incidents are still to be reported via 999.

Is it an emergency?


Does it feel like the situation could get heated or violent very soon? Is someone in immediate danger? Do you need support right away? If so, please call 999 now.

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, use our textphone service 18000 or text us on 999 if you’ve pre-registered with the emergencySMS service.

Police do not act on or record items posted to Social Media.

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Newsletter issue 1 - New meeting dates and times - Introduction from our Chairman, Chris Armitage. 

Check out the latest Neighbourhood Watch Handbook complete with contacts, advice and much more! Click on the PDF to view the complete handbook...

CCTV of thieves stealing a vehicle without the key by using a relay box.

This is the shocking moment thieves steal a vehicle without the key by using a relay box. Police have released what is believed, the first footage of a 'relay crime' where criminals can drive off with cars without the owner's keys.

Sadly this type of car crime is on the rise (August 2021!), according to local police crime trends.  One of the simplest ways to combat this type of crime is to fit a steering lock. 

steering lock.jpeg

Rugby Club Community Day.   30th June 2019


A fantastic day enjoyed by all of the community; the Neighbourhood Watch & Community event took place at Ashton Rugby Club on Sunday 23rd June.


The event was organised by Hartshead Homewatch and supported by Tameside Council Community Safety Team. The event also coincided with the National Neighbourhood Watch Week.

The aim of our event was to promote community involvement in the estate, increase road safety awareness and provide advice on home security issues. We had a wide range of exhibitors concentrating on Home Security, Road Safety, Cycling and First Aid. We were fortunate to have the Police, Fire Service and Ambulance services well represented.

The children took full advantage of the Trax Cycling obstacle course and the bouncy castle, both proved to be very popular.

Our key guests were Angela Rayner, MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Education, Member of Parliament for Ashton-under-Lyne, and Tameside Mayor Leigh Drennan. It is evident from the photographs that they both enjoyed the occasion as they both participated in the day’s activities.

The committee of Hartshead Homewatch is very grateful to all the volunteers, to the organisations who attended the event and to Tameside Council for providing funding. We appreciate the support of all exhibitors and in particular, the Companies who have contributed to the provision of a deliberator for the use of the Community and members of Ashton Rugby Club. We also thank the Rugby Club for allowing us use of the Club House and facilities.

In particular, we wish to thank John Gilmour; Nurse Director of New-Start Education Ltd. John has supported our team in preparing for today’s event and is providing first aid attendance and training.

It was through John’s endeavours that we secured a donation from MAK Security to purchase the defibrillator. He also organised the purchase of the external mounting box, funded by Hartshead Homewatch and donations made in response to an appeal on John’s Facebook Page. In addition, John arranged for MTEC Electrical to fit and complete the electrical installation free of charge.

Also, on display were the Council proposals for the introduction of Traffic Calming measures to be installed on St Albans Avenue due to a number of serious traffic incidents. The installations are dependent on funding being available but we hope to see the measures introduced urgently so as to help prevent speeding and dangerous driving that occurs on a daily on this stretch of road.

So, in conclusion, a very successful day enjoyed by all of the community and what’s more, we even had a rain-free day!!


January, 2017

Friends of Hurst Cemetery

Lee Price; 

'Friends of Hurst Cemetery' is a community group born of a local initiative committed to the cleaning up and renovation of Hurst Cemetery, Ashton-under-Lyne. Hurst Cemetery is the worst-kept of all Tameside's 7 cemeteries; it looks shabby, run-down and neglected. We want to change that and make a difference to its appearance.

The group is open to anyone who wishes to make a contribution to this effort and play a part in achieving this shared aim. 

We want to have a pleasant, attractive-looking place of rest for our loved ones who lie in Hurst Cemetery so that we can commemorate them with pride.

Please note: This is a friendly group. We all have the same intentions. There is no place for racism, bullying, political arguments, intimidation or ill-feeling of any kind. 

Any inappropriate comments will be deleted by Admin. 

This is NOT the place to lambaste Tameside Council, or vilify any of our local Councillors or Ashton's MP. We are where we are and here to work together. 

Any attacks or abuse directed towards other members of the wider community group will also be treated with zero-tolerance. People of all faiths and none have relatives in Hurst Cemetery and have the right to be involved and put their views forward. 

Anyone who flouts the rules, will be given the benefit of the doubt ONCE. Repeat offenders WILL be blocked from the Facebook group and will then be unwelcome to join the rest of the team during any days of 'hands-on action' at the Cemetery. 

Let's keep it friendly, remembering the final vision: A better-looking, well-kept cemetery for our loved ones that we can be proud of. 

Thank you